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Youth outing

A sailing holiday for young people is fun and educational!

Almost anything is possible on the NAUPAR ships: you can use the ship as a stationary accommodation, but the skipper can also travel with you to the Wadden islands or the beautiful historic towns around the IJsselmeer or the Markermeer.

Numerous possibilities

What do you want to do with your group? Should it be a sports trip in particular? Then you can, for example, go to the Wadden Islands to hike, bike, ride on a blokart, go kiting, horseriding or swimming. More interested in culture? In the historic cities of the IJsselmeer and Markermeer, such as Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Volendam, there is much to experience in the cultural scene: from a city walk and a museum visit to a hilarious group photo in traditional costumes.

Not enough inspiration? NAUPAR has a wide range of workshops and activities!

Are you organizing the trip and you still have some time left? Our employees are happy to help, because the possibilities are endless. We can organize all sorts of fun and educational workshops for you, you can also hire a DJ on board, a barbecue in the middle of the IJsselmeer, a bootcamp in the harbor or a competition with RIB boats. In short, we can put together a suitable program for each youth group.

On board of our ships

You can also organize your trip on board according to your wishes. In the well-equipped kitchen, which is available on all our ships, you can cook together with the young people. You can do your grocery shopping, but you can also get the food delivered to you on board. Or a cook sails with you and you do not have to worry about preparing meals.

Depending on the size of the group, you can choose one or more vessels. If you choose multiple ships, the skippers will ensure that they always continue to sail together. And if the group likes it and the wind is good, a race can be sailed! Which ship is the fastest?

Totally optional

We can arrange bus transportation, catering, entertainment and even group insurance for you. If you want, we take on all planning for you, so you have more time to deal with the young people. After all, they are the ones you do all this for.

The ships of NAUPAR

NAUPAR has the largest fleet of vessels associated with HISWA. With more than sixteen different departure ports around the IJsselmeer, Markermeer and Wadden Sea, you never have to travel far and have many destinations to sail to. For whatever you decide; At NAUPAR a memorable group outing is guaranteed. The kids or teenagers will be talking about it for a long time!