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Zoo Artis + Micropia

The zoo is located in the eastern part of the city centre and has 27 buildings with a historical background and more than 700 different animal species.

History of Artis + Micropia Zoo

In 1838 the zoo was founded by three men under the name Natura Artis Magistra. The goal was to promote the knowledge of nature. The zoo started with the area of today's children's farm and expanded several times in the first forty years. Funfact: Nice fact: Artis was the first in the Netherlands  with a telephone connection in 1881.

About the Zoo Artis + Micropia

In this zoo there is an insectarium, a planetarium but also an aquarium and many wild animals. In the newest extension Micropia you can get acquainted with microscopic small organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. It is the only museum for microscopic life.