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Multatuli Museum

The history of the Multatuli Museum 

On March 2 1820, Eduard Douwes Dekker was born on the top floor of the canal house. The house in the Jordaan district dates back to the 17th century. Originally, the family lived only on one floor of the small house, the museum itself extends over two and offers a great insight into life at that time. In 1957, the smallest museum in Amsterdam opened the doors for the first time. 

What you can see in the Multatuli Museum 

Multatuli became known for his novel from 1860, Max Havelaar, which criticized Dutch colonial politics. In addition to the world-famous novel, the museum also contains many poems and other works by the poet and writer. In the rooms where you can admire its old furniture, books and some of its utensils, the museum also provides a good overview of the life of the middle class in the 19th century.