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Rembrandt House

Step inside the historic home of Rembrandt, one of the most important Dutch masters of the 17th century. He has created many paintings, etchings and drawings in the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam. Have you always been curious about how he did his work, on what furniture he sat and which objects he had in his house? A visit to this museum will answer all your questions. 

The house

Behind an oak door and red shutters, you’ll find the former house of Rembrandt van Rijn. Here, in the heart of Amsterdam, the artist has lived for more than twenty years. Rembrandt has created the most famous paintings, like the world famous “De Nachtwacht”, in this house.

The collection

In the Rembrandt House you will find work that was created in the house itself, or work that has operated in the house. The house itself can certainly also be seen as a magnificent collection piece. Not only the prints, drawings and copper plates are here to see, there is also a number of works by other artists and pupils of Rembrandt to be watched.