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The history of the Maritime Museum Amsterdam 

In 1656, the current Maritime Museum, designed by Stalpaert, was built. Originally it was the marine magazine, which stored cannons, sails, flags and other sailing equipment. In 1791 the building burned down completely. Only the walls stopped. After the reconstruction in 1795 and the entry of Napoleon, the building became a warehouse for the Dutch navy, which remained until 1970. In 1973, the Maritime Museum opened the gates in the old naval building. The collection, which can be seen in today's Maritime Museum was founded by private collectors under the name, VOC-museum '1916. In 1922 it moved to the Cornlis Schuytstraat, where it remained until the move to today's Maritime Museum. From 2007 to 2011, the museum was closed again for major renovations. 

What you can see in the Amsterdam Maritime Museum 

The Maritime Museum has several exhibitions at the same time. Even for children there is a special. Thanks to an interactive presentation you can travel back up to 500 years and observe the drifting in the harbor. Right next to the Maritime Museum is an old VOC ship, the 'Amsterdam'. It is an exact replica of an old ship from the time of the United East India Company. Join the Golden Age of the Netherlands and learn more about shipping.