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Special Collections Museum

The history of the 'special collections' museum 

The precious and rare collection of the 'special collections' museum is based on the ancient monastic libraries that were brought together by the city in 1578. For centuries, this unique collection has been expanded. Large collections were acquired in 1850. Over the years, different subject areas were created that were exhibited in different locations. In 2005, all collections were united under one roof. In 2007, the museum opened the doors at Ouden Turfmarkt 129 with this special collection. 

What you can see in the 'special collections' museum

The 'special collections' museum houses the largest cultural libraries in Europe. Whether on topics such as history, Jewish culture, church history, zoology, as well as special maps and literature, whether prints, photos, books or manuscripts, the collection is so diverse that everyone gets their money's worth. It is not for the general public to admire, it is still used for research and educational purposes.