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Stedelijk museum Kampen

Stedelijk Museum Kampen

The Stedelijk Museum Kampen has been located in the old Town Hall and City Hall since 2009. The history, the present and the future of Kampen are the most important subjects. There is a permanent collection that consists of four subjects: water, religion, justice and the House of Orange. In addition, it also has a changing collection about contemporary art. The showpiece is the Shiproom that has remained unchanged since 1545. Go back in time and discover the history of Kampen and what the future of Kampen will look like.

History of the Stedelijk Museum Kampen

The old Town Hall was built in approx. 1350 in the center of Kampen. Kampen was an important Hanseatic city with trade privileges. Many German Hanseatic cities were known at that time for the Lower Gothic style so the old Town Hall also got this style. The city council had settled in the building in the Middle Ages, but not only spoke justice here. Messages were also made to the citizens from the platform and judgments were issued to criminals. In 1543, a fire started in the building, causing most of the building to be destroyed. The building was renovated, but got a combination of Lower Gothic, mixed with the Renaissance style. The Shiproom (built in the old Town Hall) remained the administrative center and courtroom until the end of the 18th century. Since 2009 the Stedelijk Museum Kampen has been located in the building.

About the Stedelijk Museum Kampen

The history of the old Hanseatic city is the main subject in the Stedelijk Museum Kampen. The history of Kampen is shown on the basis of four main topics. Water was an element that made Kampen rich, but also caused threats. In the theme room about religion, the presence of faith in Kampen is central. In the old town hall justice was spoken and in the themed room you can see how these statements were made. The showpiece of the museum is the Shiproom. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also has a changing exhibition on contemporary art. You can discover the museum under the guidance of a guide or you have the opportunity to make a multimedia tour: with a screen and headphones you can walk through the museum independently. A tour is also available for children from 7 years old, where the children are accompanied in a humorous manner by a guide.