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Hermitage Museum Amsterdam

The history of the Hermitage Amsterdam museum 

Thanks to the legacy of a merchant in 1680, which he left to the Diaconate of Amsterdam and a land donation of the city, 1683 the retirement home for older women could be opened. The spacious building accommodated 400 women. From 1817, older men were accommodated too. Despite extensive renovations in the 1970s, it turned out 20 years later that the building no longer met the nursing standards. In 2007, the last inhabitants were housed in other houses. After some renovation work, the Amstelhof was opened on 20 June 2009 as the Hermitage Museum. 

What you can see in the Hermitage Amsterdam museum 

The impressive building has retained its classic character on the outside. Inside, it is open and bright and houses not only valuable works from the Hermitage St. Petersburg but also many works by other well-known artists such as Rubens, Jordaens, Kandinsky, Picasso and more. The history of the Amstelhof is also dedicated to an exhibition. In addition to two permanent exhibitions, there are also temporary exhibitions that change regularly.