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Harderwijk has a rich heritage. Even in the cityscape you will encounter numerous memories from nearly 800 years of city history, such as: on the Vischmarkt. The entire history of Harderwijk is enclosed by the city walls, parts of which such as the city gates Vischpoort and Smeepoort still stand proudly in the air. Already on June 11, 1231 awarded Count Otto van Gelre en Zutphen city and market rights to 'Herderewich'. The merchants, who pursued their business near the Agricultural Center Selhorst, received recognition and stimulus at the same time. Harderwijk grew from an agricultural settlement to a trading center, which was even a member of the Hanseatic League for centuries. Also there was the most important fish market on the Zuiderzee  around 1500.

A nice day trip

The most important prerequisites for a successful day trip are water, forest and, of course, amusement parks. Harderwijk fulfills all these requirements. Every year, therefore, the city is visited by 3 million tourists. It attracts above all with the big crowd puller: the dolphinarium. Then they usually go to the boulevard in the historic city center to visit a terrace or to marvel at the beautiful houses. Furthermore, the Harderwijker harbor is an attractive landing and overnight place for water sports enthusiasts. In addition to the charm of nature, there are many events in Harderwijk such as the annual Aaltjesdag, the Kulting festival and the fishing day.