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Marken was once an island in the Zuiderzee. Since 1957, Marken has been connected to the mainland via a narrow dam. Now the town lies on the Markermeer. The first inhabitants were Frisian monks who lived from livestock and agriculture. Later on, fishing became increasingly important, but due to the construction of the Afsluitdijk, this source of income came to an end.

Marker Museum

The Marker Museum is housed in six historic houses in the old center of Marken. One part of the museum has retained its original layout and is arranged as a Marker fisherman family lived there until ± 1932. In the museum you will find a unique collection of Marker Costumes, paintings by Reinier Peijnenburg and Paintings by the Marker painter Jan Moenis, such as hairdressers, clogs and school drills.


Nowadays, Marken focuses a lot on tourism. The cozy harbor, the costumes, the Paard van Marken (lighthouse) and the picturesque timber houses are all good reasons to visit Marken.