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Sights in Urk

Museum "The Old Townhall"

Urk was an island surrounded by the Southsea for centuries. The residents lived from fishing. This not only brought them money, but also sorrow. Nowadays the village lies calmly between the dykes in the province Flevoland, but this characteristic village has remained largely the same. The museum gives us the change to look into the lives of the people of Urk centuries ago.

History of ‘The Old Townhall’

The place Urk was mentioned more than a thousand years ago. The characteristic village had their own traditions, costumes and an unique dialect. The living conditions are very different nowadays, but many customs and traditions are still being adhered to. The rich history of Urk comes alive in the museum which has been established in the former town hall since 1989.

About ‘The Old Townhall’

In the museum is a large collection of tools, costumes, art and old houses where figurants show how the people of Urk used to live. The fishing industry was a large source of income, and still is, so the museum devotes a great deal of attention to this. The development of the fishery is represented using ship models.