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  • It was a beautiful sailing experience with the entire family.

    Family Spieß

Museum "The Old Townhall"

Did you actually know that Urk was an island for years? Surrounded by the wild Zuiderzee? Today, this is different, the fishing village lies calmly between the dikes with the newly acquired land behind it. But the atmospheric houses, special costumes and the unique dialect have always remained the same in many perspectives. The people lived earlier in the fishing industry and nowadays this is still an important source of income. The museum “the old townhall” shows exactly how the life in Urk was back in the years. 
Sturdy fishing houses, tools and art; that's what you will find in the museum. It is a reflection of the struggle of the past. In the museum you will find a diverse collection of the Urker painter Ernst Leyden - who has lived on the island for more than two years - and Jantje de Knipper, famous for his impressive clippings.
Given the fact that fishing was a major source of income, the museum also paid a lot of attention to this part of the history. In the past, the Urkers sailed with their sailboats on the Zuiderzee and the North Sea, and after the town was completely drained in 1939, it has always remained a beautiful, authentic fishing village. The development of the fishery is shown in the museum using ship models.