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Urk beach

Beach on Urk

There are multiple beaches on Urk, of which the biggest is next to the harbour and on walking distance of the lighthouse. There are no big waves and due to the sloping ground in the water, the beach is very child-friendly for the smaller children.

History of the beach on Urk

The island of Urk was surrounded by the Southsea. The beach on Urk was formed by the current, tides and erosion. Together with the transformation of the island of Urk to the village of Urk (in the province of Flevoland) changed the water form salt to fresh water.

About the beach on Urk

This IJssellake beach is a popular spot in the village on warm days. There are a number of playground equipment installed on the beach. In addition, there are toilets and waste bins. Next to the beach, via the Staversekade, past the lighthouse is the second beach. This beach is smaller and has no further facilities. On the boulevard in between the beaches is also the statue of the Ommelebommelestien, a folktale from Urk.