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Urk Forest

The wheelchair accessible Urker Forest is and remains a special place; There are numerous hiking trails, so you can visit the forest more than once. Walk - or cycle! - through the beautiful forest and see it with your eyes. Please note that dogs and horses are also allowed!

History of the Urker forest

The Urker Forest was built between 1953 and 1959, and is today famous for the geological reserves in the area. One of these is the P. van der Lijn reserve; In this man-made reserve, the Flevo landscape preserves old special stray stones. The “Staartreservaat” is also located in the Urker Forest: This area is known for its small (dune) reeds and is one of the oldest and smallest (5 ha!) nature areas of the whole of Flevoland.

About the Urker forest

Noticeable in the Urker Forest is the high groundwater level of the soil. This consists of clay, peat moss and sand and provides a very varied range of plants. To give an example: you will find unusually many mushrooms in the forest!

In short: enough to surprise you as adults! But of course it is also thought of the kids, so a real wildlife forest has been created. This playground was designed together with various pupils from elementary schools at Urk. Building huts, swinging on lians, playing in the water ... The forest is a great place for children between 6 to 12 years.