Special day

A wedding party on the water will make this special day become even more special. Such an extraordinary setting as that on board of a traditional sailing ship, you will come across only rarely. After such a wonderful day, it is time to dance. The wedding party offers the opportunity for your evening guests to celebrate your festive day. A nice drink, good music, and a beautiful starry night will conclude your wedding day in style.

Your reception and wedding party on board

Besides the wedding ceremony, naturally, also your reception and party can be held on board of the ship. You will return to the harbour, where you will enjoy a delicious dinner together with your guests. After dinner, your evening guests and also the entertainment can come on board to celebrate your wedding party spectacularly.

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Wedding party

Moored, anchored, or on open water?

Will you stay moored in the harbour for your wedding party? Your guests will then be able to come and go whenever they want to. Or would you like to add a personal touch to your wedding party and leave the harbour to anchor on a beautiful location? Naturally, you may also set sail and party until late while sailing. On a warm summer’s night you can dance on deck under a starry sky; a beautiful way to conclude your wedding day.

Excellently taken care of

Also for your evening guests the catering will be excellently taken care of. In combination with the entertainment, your nautical wedding party will certainly be one to remember. Wedding cake, snacks, drinks, and swinging music. The location will be the finishing touch; your wedding party will be one that people will talk about long time after.