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It is more than 1000 years ago that Urk was written for the first time. The soil survey of the Zuiderzee and historical data show that the water at Urk must have been fresh at the time. Urk is mentioned for the first time in 966 as an island in the Almare and belonged to the Salland. In these documents, it is stated that Emperor Otto the Great gives one half of Urk to the Pantaleon convent in Cologne and the other half to the St. Vitus abbey in Upper Elten. The island was about 80 hectares and consisted of a high boulder, the mountain and a meadow. On the mountain, which was 12 hectares, were dwellings, churches, the lighthouse and other buildings. The low-lying meadow flooded regularly for the reclamation. Now this part is also cultivated.


Urk is nice to visit. If you are on Urk, then the Lighthouse will certainly stand out. The Urk lighthouse is at the highest point of the former island. The current, round, white lighthouse was built in 1844 from brick. The tower is almost fourteen meters high and gives a sparkle at night: a glint of 0.2 seconds every five seconds. During the summer months you can climb the lighthouse. Outside the summer season, the lighthouse can be visited by appointment. In addition to the Lighthouse, Urk also has a Fisherman monument. The Fishermen's Monument is a memorial for fishermen who died at sea. In addition to these 2 sights, you can also visit Urk. For example, there is the Kerkje aan de Zee, the Vissersmuseum, the Gienkiestocht and the Bethelkerk.