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School outing

Fun, education and teambuilding in one

A ship is the ideal group accommodation for a school trip, introduction days, work week or school camp. Fun, education and teambuilding come together beautifully during a cruise. Social skills are stimulated, relationships strengthened and new friendships born. Everything on board revolves around cooperation. During sailing, the students help hoist the sails, navigate and steer. But there is also time for relaxation. Chilling out on deck or in the jib net. When the weather is nice, a swim is not out of the question and there is always something to discover in the many atmospheric towns around the IJsselmeer, Markermeer and Wadden Sea. If the pupils still have energy left after a day of sailing, there is always a beach nearby for a game of volleyball. Sailing on a traditional sailing ship is a great adventure and stimulates all the pupils' senses.

Small or large group

The ships are suitable for small and large groups and equipped with a spacious deck, comfortable dayroom, extensive kitchen, cosy cabins and sanitary facilities. If you have a very large group or several classes, you can use several ships. You then sail together, the skippers consult each other during the trip and you can even have a competition to see who can reach the next destination the fastest. At the end of the cruise, you will be back together in port for a joint meal or a programme in town.

Plenty of activities on board and ashore

There will be plenty to experience during the sailing trip. The experienced skipper and first mate will actively involve the pupils in tying knots, hoisting sails and navigating, and will let them help the skipper out at the helm.

But there are also lots of fun activities ashore around the IJsselmeer and Markermeer, along the Wadden Sea coast or in Amsterdam. The distances between the various destinations don’t have to be considerable, which will leave enough time for a visit to a museum or disco or for a bike ride.

Or change tack and (for example) put down anchor to spend the night in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve, where you can build a campfire and play music together.

Or beach on the bottom of the Wadden Sea for a walk.

Whatever you choose to do, you can set the route in consultation with the skipper, who knows the sailing area and surrounding towns like the back of his hand and will be able to advise you on the many options. 


During the sailing trip, the students are basically responsible for eating, shopping, washing up, keeping the ship clean and so on. You can divide the pupils into groups in advance and make a corveelist. The kitchen is well-equipped for large groups and, in addition to ample storage space, has all the equipment needed to prepare breakfast, lunch or a meal for the whole group. In most port cities, there are good supermarkets where pupils can do their groocery shopping. This way, they not only learn to work together, but also have time to get to know each other better.

The length of the schooltrip

Will it be a midweek or a whole week? The choice is yours. With NAUPAR you can take sailing trips from one day to several days, a week or two weeks. The nice thing is that if you have more time, you can combine several sailing areas and have the time to have several special experiences. For inspiration, take a look at the arrangements for a youth outing.

Therefore a school outing with NAUPAR

NAUPAR has over 40 years of experience in organising school outings on the water in the Netherlands. At NAUPAR:

  • we offer you the largest choice of traditional sailing ships including skipper and crew; from regal schooners and sumptuous barquentines to sturdy clippers and sporty tjalks
  • you can sail with groups from 10 to 150 people and for very large groups you can even opt for several ships
  • the trips offer something for everyone; from actively helping out, learning seaman's knots, anchoring and swimming to enjoying and chilling out on deck
  • you do not need any sailing experience; the crew will be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade
  • you can choose from no less than 16 different departure ports. The most popular departure ports are Kampen, Enkhuizen, Lelystad and Harlingen for a trip to the Wadden islands.
  • you will certainly find the ship that suits your wishes and you are assured of an unforgettable school outing that your students will remember for years