Memorable trip

Would you, as a teacher, like to organize a school outing for your pupils to get to know each other at the beginning of the school year or for your seniors to have a farewell outing? The annual school outing as well is a good reason to take a memorable trip on board of one of NAUPAR’s sailing ships.

Day or week

Our ships are perfectly suitable for daytrips and project weeks that include a stay on board. The ships have multiple cabins, showers, and toilets on board. The cosy atmosphere on board and the possible activities on and around the water, such as swimming, relaxing in the jib net, visiting ancient harbours, and swinging in a disco, will complete your trip.

Sailing ships with sleeping accomodations

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Arrangements and ideas for a school outing

Discovering sailing areas

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More information about school outings

School outing

Instructive school outing

Besides fun, a sailing trip is also instructive. From the various harbours in which the ship moors, numerous interesting excursions are possible. With the varying themes, you will surely find a programme that fits your teaching programme. You may visit the beautiful and varied nature reserves that are only reachable over water. Discover the history of the Ijsselmeer and take the opportunity to see how people lived centuries ago. Or, learn more about the world of wind and waters and have a competitive sailing match.

Relaxing school outing

On board of a ship, you will get to know each other in a different setting. That one quiet pupil appears to be an excellent helms woman and the class rebel a wonderful cook. The chemistry teacher actually appears to be extremely funny and the pupils that are normally not very concentrated in class become very enthusiastic when the skipper appoints them as head buoy seekers.

Sailing carefree

For your trip, you can easily take out a travel insurance with NAUPAR. This way, you are enabled to sail carefree. Even the bus transport from and to the ship we can arrange for you.