Come on board

The most fun days of the year: Excursions and study weeks. Everyone looks forward to these. Sailing while using a compass, hoisting the sails together, spending a day cycling or in a museum. Diving from the ship into the water. Standing clear of the water on the Dutch Wadden, going to a disco on Texel or Terschelling, but also cooking together. On board, you will be eager to learn!

Plenty to learn

During a study week with a sailing ship, there is plenty to see and do! In the relaxed setting, learning new things is both easy and fun. Turn a visit to the Dutch Wadden into a biology or geography lesson or pay a visit to the ancient harbours and the Batavia Yard and learn more about the Dutch history!

Discovering sailing areas

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Study week

Each reason is one

There are various reasons for you as a teacher to organize a study trip or a school outing. Are you going away with your class purely for the purpose of relaxation? Is it a trip to have the pupils get to know each other at the beginning of the new year? Or are you organizing a fun farewell trip for your seniors? The comforting atmosphere on board and the numerous activities on and around the water will make your school outing into a success. Relaxing on deck enjoying the sun, having a swim, visiting ancient towns, and dancing in a discotheque during the night.

In the same boat

Being together on board of a ship means that you will have to cooperate closely. Together, the group will need to keep the ship clean, go grocery shopping, hoist and lower the sails, and even man them. When you are together on such a small space, you should have some consideration for each other. Luckily, you are all in the same boat. It will surely be a study trip that will be talked about a long time after.