Come on board

On board of NAUPAR’s ships, you will find the ideal surrounding for a fun and active teambuilding event. On board of a ship, working together closely is absolutely essential; Hoisting the sails, tacking the ship, et cetera. By sailing together and determining a course, a close connection will be established between the ‘newly found crew’.

Sailing a match or a dragon boat race?

By sailing together with on or more other ships, an extra competitive element can be added. Or you can break your sailing trip with an active dragon boat race. Cooperation, but more importantly fun, will be the predominant factors during these teambuilding activities on the water. Your guests will be able to actively help to have their ship or dragon boat finish first.

Traditional sailing ships

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Teambuilding IJsselmeer, Waddenzee of Frisian lakes

You can depart from, for example, the harbours of Amsterdam, Lelystad, Monnickendam, Hoorn, Harlingen, Stavoren, or Enkhuizen. You will sail across the beautiful Ijsselmeer or the Frisian lakes and visit the cosy harbours. Or, you can sail the Waddenzee to pay a visit to one of the Wadden islands. And even a trip to the city of Amsterdam is possible!

Eating, drinking, and more

Will your team also take care of a lovely meal by cooking together and setting the table? Or would you rather have our professional caterers pamper you after all that hard work? All is possible. The spacious galley on board is fitted out with all modern conveniences and the catering list is extensive.