Away from your daily business life

Trainings held on an inspiring location will be much for fruitful than those held in a colourless meeting room. On board of a NAUPAR ship you will find a setting that will take you away from your daily business life and in which you will be enabled to fully concentrate on each other and the theme of the day. And during a break, you can catch a nice breath of fresh air.

Always nearby

Are you looking for a training location in Noord-Holland, Friesland, or Flevoland? NAUPAR offers you 125 training locations around the Ijsselmeer and Waddenzee. The ship will be your sailing training location. As NAUPAR has 11 harbours of departure, there will always be a location nearby.

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Training location

A surprising break

Break your sailing trip for an activity on shore. Go for an active cycling trip or have a dragon boat race. This way, you will be able to fully relax and start the second half of your training full of energy.


Let us take the catering of your hands and let us take care of all your meals. Think of, for example, a delicious lunch, a barbecue, or an extensive buffet. You no longer have to look after the catering: A pleasant idea! On board of some of our ships, you can also cook your own meals.

Is one day not enough?

Sometimes, one day is simply not enough. With NAUPAR you don’t have to search for a hotel accommodation separately. Many of our ships have comfortable berths in which you can enjoy a good night’s rest. The following morning, you will enjoy an extensive breakfast in the dayroom below deck.

Tailor-made with professional trainers

You can decide upon the programme of your training in close collaboration with a professional trainer. NAUPAR has a number of partners in this area. NAUPAR will arrange everything for you, so you will be able to focus primarily on the content. Naturally, you may also create a programme together with your own trainers.