In the spring spotlight: Jeroen Mohrmann, Captain of the Willem Barentsz

The enthusiastic captain Jeroen Mohrmann has been sailing the exquisite Willem Barentsz for many years. Even as a young boy, he knew he wanted to spend his time on the water and began sailing at the age of 10!"You might say I've been a captain for more than 38 years," says Jeroen.

From past to present

Having started sailing at such an early age, Jeroen sailed with his parents at first and later on solo. He then began working as a holiday captain."I sail fishing boats from Muiden,” he explains. We now know Jeroen as the captain of the traditional Willem Barentsz, one of the showpieces of the fleet.

About the Willem Barentsz

The Willem Barentsz is used for a wide range of daily trips. It can accommodate 100 persons, which is one of the reasons Jeroen was so enthusiastic about this boat on first hearing about it."The Willem Barentsz is a boat for large groups and fabulous trips. The emphasis of these sailing trips is clearly on "spending time outdoors". Fantastic!”

Jeroen"s most memorable experience

"I was enjoying a lovely sunset one evening from the shallows, when I suddenly noticed that a mother seal and pup had popped up behind us. The two animals followed us for quite some time.”Although Jeroen is especially fond of the Waddenzee, the IJsselmeer also has fantastic advantages."Lake IJssel has lots of room to sail to your heart"s content,” says Jeroen.