Introducing: Jonathan Wahlers, captain of the Summertime

Lelystad, 26 September 2016 – Jonathan Wahlers began working on board the Summertime three years ago and is to sail his first season this year as captain: "I am very glad that I chose this extraordinary job. Everyday is a new experience!", says Jonathan.

The "little" Jonathan

For Jonathan, the passion for sailing and the water began when he was 14 years old: "I boarded a large sailing ship during a school trip. I immediately knew that I wanted to sail as soon as I had finished school", says Jonathan. The diversity of the profession of captain in particular appeals to him: "No day or group is the same."

Finest experience

If we inquiry after Jonathan's finest experience, he quickly answers: "At one time, we went fishing in our secondary boat off the shore of Texel. While the sun was setting, the porpoises swam around us. Definitely a unique experience", says Jonathan "Nothing beats the Ketelmeer with all of its beautiful small islands."

The Summertime

The many activities that are possible on board the Summertime are a huge advantage, says Jonathan: "From banana boat sailing to bungee jumping, and from slinging on a rope to a canoe trip… There are a variety of possibilities when sailing on board the Summertime."