Great combination

Explore the most beautiful places of Holland or other European countries during a boat-bike tour with NAUPAR’s sailing ships! Visit the famous towns and cycle across alluring landscapes. Your accommodation is a comfortable ship that each times sails to the next town. You decide upon your cycling tempo. Or perhaps you would like to stay for a relaxing day on board? Each night you will spend in a different city, but you will be in the same bed in your own, private two-person cabin with a shower and bathroom. What a lovely way to spend your holiday!

The ship will be your accommodation

NAUPAR’s ships have 2 to 6 person cabins, comfortable beds, showers, toilets, and a kitchen which you may naturally use. Your accommodation will ‘follow’ you during your tour. This way, you will not have to move from one hotel room to another and you will not have to pack and unpack your luggage every day. Each night, you will stay in a different town, but in the same bed!

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Boat-bike tour

The Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Enkhuizen, Marken, or perhaps Texel?

The ship will moor nearby, or within, the city centre of these interesting towns. The sights, the museums, and the shops will be mostly within walking distance and, otherwise, easy to reach by bike. You will enjoy the waterways, the scenic nature, the fishermen’s villages, and the historical towns of Holland. A bike-boat tour is the ideal way of exploring the most beautiful sights of Holland.