Come on board

There are regular weekends, special weekends, but also long weekends and extra long weekends. Think, for example, about Easter, Whitsuntide, and the Ascension weekend. These all provide an excellent opportunity to go for a nice weekend away. But where can you find true peace and quiet these days? Exactly. On the water.

A sailing weekend away with your friends, family, or club

NAUPAR can arrange the right ship for each group of people to ensure a memorable weekend. Are you going away for the weekend with your friends? Rent your own, private ship and crew. This provides you with the transportation and accommodation in one. Spend a long weekend together and decide together upon a course. You can choose the route and destination yourselves, naturally in close consultation with the skipper.

Sailing ships with sleeping accomodations

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Sailing weekend

Your accommodation

On board of NAUPAR’s ships, you will find the same luxury you will find in a holiday home.  A comfortable day room and a spacious galley in which an excellent meal can be prepared easily. During the evenings, you may for example play a fun game, while enjoying a nice glass of wine. After a pleasant day, the group goes to bed for a well-deserved, good night’s rest.

Volendam, Terschelling, Hoorn, or Amsterdam?

A sailing vacation offers more than just sailing. During your weekend away with a sailing ship, you may, for instance, visit a historical harbour such as Volendam, Enkhuizen, Hoorn, or Marken, rent a bicycle on Terschelling, or stand clear of the water on the Wadden. Even a trip to Amsterdam is within the bounds of possibilities.

Dining on the water

If you are sailing along on an organized trip, all meals will be prepared for you by a professional chef. If you rent your own, private sailing ship, you can either choose to cook yourselves or to indulge yourselves and order one of our extensive catering arrangements; From plain, but tasty meals to culinary delicacies.