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A ship is perfectly suitable to be used as a group accommodation. Everyone will be together. And even better: your accommodation will sail along with you. Embark the ship in the harbour of your choice and determine your course, together with the skipper and his crew. Will you sail to Texel, Terschelling, or rather to Amsterdam? During the nights, you will sleep soundly in the comfortable beds.

Your group accommodation on the water

NAUPAR’s ships actually look a lot like sailing holiday homes. The only things different, are those magnificent views that constantly change. The ships vary in luxury. From luxurious hotel rooms with a private bathroom to back-to-basic cabins with shared bathrooms. Among NAUPAR’s varied fleet of 101 ships you will no doubt find the ship of your choice. The space you will have around you will be a pleasant surprise. A warm interior and even a bar or a cosy wood-burning stove. You will feel immediately at home.

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Group accommodation

Cooking on board or indulge yourselves?

Enjoy a weekend in which the catering is completely taken care of or cook yourselves in the cosy galley. This extraordinary group accommodation has everything you need. Naturally, it is also possible to go out for a delicious dinner.

Decide upon the course yourselves!

Embark one of our ships in one of the 16 harbours of departure around the Ijsselmeer, such as Kampen, Monnickendam, Hoorn, Lelystad, Enkhuizen, or Stavoren, for a trip on your sailing group accommodation. Decide upon the course yourselves, in close consultation with the skipper and his experienced crew; The ancient and lovely harbours around the Ijsselmeer, the quiet inland waterways of the beautiful Friesland, or the Dutch Wadden? Or would you rather go for a weekend of shopping and sitting in outdoor cafés in Amsterdam?