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Horn harbour

The old harbour of Hoorn is located in the middle of the authentic city of North Holland. The rich VOC history is still clearly visible in this city. This can be seen in the monumental buildings, the ship boys of Bontekoe and at the Main Tower, one of the last remaining defences. Hoorn has a lot to offer. There are many cosy cafés, restaurants and terraces and there is a large and varied range of shops. The city has relatively many museums, including the museum of the 20th century, which is a stone's throw away, and the former prison island Oostereiland near the harbours.

About the harbour in Hoorn

The berth of the ships is close to the centre of Hoorn. Hoorn has five harbours in total, four of which offer moorings for passers-by. The harbours have a number of facilities, such as: toilets, showers, a launderette, a supermarket, power supply, water taps and a ship's supplies shop.

Route description (in Dutch)