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Kamper harbor

The harbor of Kampen is part of the cityscape of Kampen. It is right in front of the center and was already famous in the 12th century due to its rich trade history. The harbor is also called the old Buitenhaven. A number of NAUPAR ships have their home here.

About the harbor from Kampen

The harbor where the NAUPAR ships are moored is located on the quay next to the city bridge, in front of the center. The ships are part of the cityscape of Kampen. During many events, the ships are present and a platform for activities during the events. Many sights can be found from the harbor. The city bridge, with its gold-lined lift towers, the New Tower, the city museum and the shopping center. Next to the old Buitenhaven lies the new old Buitenhaven. Between both harbors lies the Koggewerf with the Kamper Kogge, an old reconstructed merchant ship.

Route description (only in Dutch)