• NAUPAR sponsors free teaching material on microplastics for schools

    NAUPAR sponsort gratis lesmateriaal over microplastics voor scholen
    NAUPAR and Plastic Soup Foundation have joined forces in the fight against plastic pollution. 'Sailing on a large, authentic sailing ship is a fantastic experience and also a sustainable outing in beautiful surroundings. It is special to experience the Netherlands from the water. Besides historic port cities, there are beautiful natural areas and lakes,' says Arjan van der Meer, general manager of NAUPAR. 'But nature is under pressure and so we also want to work on raising awareness. Microplastics are a big problem for people and the environment. That is why we sought a cooperation partner who can help us with ready-made teaching materials for schools. Thanks to several sponsors, Plastic Soup Foundation has developed extensive free teaching materials that we can use.'
  • Challenge I Plastic-free tips for on board

    Plasticvrije tips voor aan boord
    Every day, we open about seven plastic containers on average. In America alone, more than 30 million plastic water bottles are bought every minute and more than a million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide, for an average of 12 minutes. So it's time for action. Can you manage to produce less plastic waste?
  • Route suggestion IJsselmeer I The 5 nicest ports on the Frisian coast I Netherlands

    Routesuggestie 5 bestemmingen aan de Friese kust
    During a sailing trip, there is plenty to do and once in port, you can enjoy a drink and a snack on deck.But suppose you want to stretch your legs and do something fun after the cruise.Where is the best place to sail? Along the IJsselmeer lies an array of picturesque port towns. Each destination has its own atmosphere, cosy city centre, beautiful historical buildings, (specialty) shops, terraces, restaurants and fun sights. Choice stress all-over. These five destinations on the Frisian coast are definitely worth a weekend, midweek or (short) holiday.
  • Organise a company outing on the water in the Netherlands

    Organiseren bedrijfsuitje
    Are you ready for a fun event, is a colleague celebrating 25 years of service or do you want to do something fun with business partners? A ship in the Netherlands is the ideal location for a well-earned company outing. For large and small groups! Whether it is a company party, incentive or business meeting, on a traditional sailing ship you are at the helm. In this blog, we list a few possibilities.
  • Introducing: Maarten van Nieuwland, Captain of the Res Nova tjalk

    Maarten van Nieuwland tjalk Res Nova

    Maarten is the enthusiastic captain of the Res Nova. He has been sailing this rugged Groninger Tjalk for years, speaks no fewer than five languages and is an avid sailor. What he particularly enjoys is to chat and interact with his passengers during his sailing rambles on the IJsselmeer and Markermeer lakes and the Wadden Sea. The atmosphere on board is always positive and sociable. He is also very knowledgeable about sailing and the various sailing areas and harbours where the ship ties up for the night, information he gladly shares with his guests. 

  • Allow us to introduce: Lucas Knol, Captain of the Pelikaan tjalk

    Even voorstellen: Lucas Knol, de schipper van de tjalk Pelikaan

    Lucas Knol is the owner and captain of the Pelikaan. He has been a crew member on charter sailing boats since 2001. After earning his captain’s license, there were no longer any obstacles to owning his own ship and he is now the proud owner of the Pelikaan, a fully equipped tjalk that can accommodate up to 12 persons. This relatively small luxury ship with all the mod cons is particularly suitable for smaller groups.

  • Explore beautiful destinations with clipper Avondrood

    Explore beautiful destinations with clipper Avondrood

    Rob is captain of the clipper Avondrood (Evening Red). He has extensive experience with groups and will be sailing for the 21st time this summer. “There’s never a dull moment,” he tells us enthusiastically, when asked about his long track record. He has been sailing the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea for many years and knows exactly where to anchor for great swimming or a special evening in the middle of nature – with the mobile phones switched off.

  • Memorable experiences on the Boekanier

    Op de Boekanier valt altijd wat te beleven

    Joop is the proud owner of the Boekanier. He makes every effort to please his guests while sailing this 33 metre-long clipper.The Boekanier’s home port is Makkum, from where it sails to the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea, Joop's favourite destination. Why? Read on!

  • Meet Luca Spano, captain of the Hester

    Even voorstellen: Luca Spano, schipper van de Hester

    At the young age of seven years, he stood at the helm of the four-masted Barkentijn Summertime, having the time of his life. Today, thirteen years later, he is the owner and captain of the 40 metre-long clipper Hester and the youngest charter sailing captain in the Netherlands. We are proud of this young professional, with his contagious passion for sailing, which he manages to convey to groups in a fun and inviting way. He also makes sure to fit in plenty of opportunity for fun during his sailing trips. Luca loves to combine sailing and games, so that every journey is an unforgettable experience for our guests.

  • The Auwe Neel has a new skipper: Deetlef

    Lelystad, 09 March 2018 – Deetlef is the new skipper on the Auwe Neel, a sturdy clipper extremely well suited to being used for day trips and trips spanning several days with large groups. Deetlef much prefers sailing the two-masted vessel out onto the Wadden Sea, where the many options include spotting mudflats and seals. But he also knows some great anchorages around the IJsselmeer, such as Konijneneiland near Stavoren. An idyllic spot where, if we bring our own wood, we can build a fantastic campfire on the uninhabited island.