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Kattenplaat (Kampen)

Harbour Kattenplaat (Kampen)

De Kattenplaat is one of the five artificial islands in the Ketelmeer, close to Kampen. It is a beautiful piece of nature, where you can enjoy the silence, the birds and the panoramic view. It is not an official harbour, but it is possible for ships to moor here. There are no further facilities on the island, but in nearby Kampen you will find everything you want and much more.

About the harbour Kattenplaat (Kampen)

The ‘Ondiepe Zones’ project was aimed at improving water quality and nature in the Ketelmeer and Black Lake. Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) therefore built five artificial islands in the Ketelmeer and Zwarte Meer to expand and improve the habitat of fish, birds and aquatic animals. The archipelago consists of islands and shallow zones with reed beds. Rijkswaterstaat, Staatsbosbeheer (forest management) and the municipality of Kampen gave local residents and recreationists the opportunity to choose the names. The jury then decided on the names that fit the area and its history. The five islands are called: Ramspolplaat, Schokkerplaat, Kamperplaat, Ketelplaat and Kattenplaat.