Unique combinations

Surprise the groom or bride to be with a dazzling bachelor(ette) party. At NAUPAR, you will find a unique combination of transportation, accommodation, and relaxation on board of a ship. Would you like to organize a bachelor(ette) party from Lelystad, Kampen, Amsterdam, Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Monnickendam, Stavoren, Lemmer, Harlingen, Volendam, Den Oever, Franeker, Makkum, or perhaps a combination of the aforementioned? Embark one of our ships in one of the many harbours of departure around the Ijsselmeer for a sailing trip across the Ijsselmeer, the Waddenzee, or the Frisian lakes.

Combine a sailing trip with fun activities

During your sailing trip you will be together and you will be able to plan your own programme. Will you sail actively or will you have a relaxed and fun time by inviting entertainment on board? Once you arrive in the harbour of destination, you can organize a fun activity on shore. What about a high tea or GPS game? Or would you rather go out on the town? Sail to Amsterdam, Hoorn, or Stavoren and moor in these harbours for a nice day out. The ship will wait for you to return.

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Bachelor Party

Staying the night on board

During the late afternoon, you may sail into the harbour of, for example, Amsterdam to go out for a lively night on the town. On a special day like this, everyone should be allowed to drink. So extend your bachelor(ette) party by turning it into a weekend. After a long night out, you will return to the harbour and you can crawl into your berth for a long night of sleep while bobbing on the waves.

Cooking yourselves or having catering?

Cook the most delicious snacks yourselves in the galley or sit back and relax and enjoy our extensive catering arrangements.

Deliciously deluxe or back to basic?

With 101 ships, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the deliciously deluxe cabins with comfortable beds and a private bathroom or go back to basic on a traditional sailboat. All is possible.