Celebration on a sailing ship

Would you like to do something entirely different this year in celebrating your birthday with your friends and family? Or would you rather have a celebration with a small party, but then excellently taken care of? Celebrate your birthday on board of a traditional sailing ship.

Extravagant or intimate

NAUPAR’s ships are especially suitable for celebrating a party properly. For both small and larger groups. Select one of our luxurious five star ships with a beautiful interior and a stylish bar. Or perhaps you prefer a robust clipper and you would like to celebrate the party on deck.
Partying your own way…in a nautical setting

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Partying your own way…in a nautical setting

Plan your party to match your wishes. Dine with your guests in a  closed circle on board and party until late at night. Or give a  reception in the saloon that is full of atmosphere and, subsequently,  enjoy a private party. Invite your guests to stay the night and say  goodbye only after a luxurious breakfast the following morning.  Naturally, you may also first enjoy an active sailing trip and dine in  your favourite restaurant after.

An infinite number of locations possible

On which ship would you like to celebrate your birthday? Will the  ship stay moored in the harbour or would you rather set sail and  celebrate your party on open water? With multiple harbours of departure  around the Ijsselmeer, the possibilities are endless. Amsterdam,  Volendam, Stavoren, Urk, Kampen, or on the middle of the Ijsselmeer;  these are just a few of the locations where you can celebrate your  birthday in style, together with your guests.

At your service!

Your wish is our command. We will do anything to make your day one to  remember. In order to be able to provide you with delicious catering  during your party, we work together with professional caterers. You can also choose to invite some entertainment on board. We would be pleased to help you organize your party.