World's largest traditional sailing fleet

DelfSail will commence with its Sail In, starting in the Eemshaven and proceeding to Delfzijl. You will have the opportunity to sail towards the world’s largest traditional sailing fleet, together with your relations. What a happening it is to sail in the midst of these Tall Ships, together with your guests! One the water, the atmosphere is wonderful, while you are enjoying the delicious snacks and a good glass of wine with your colleagues or relations.

Perfect alternative for a relationship day

DelfSail offers you an inspiring ambiance for business events, both formal and festive. There will be plenty to see and experience and there will be plenty of room for you to decide upon a course with your relations in order to keep the wind in the sails.


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The 7th edition of Delfsail is from Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 June 2024. The free event is held in Delfzijl, where the Tall ships, the Dutch sailing heritage and the historic Dutch sailing fleet are moored along the Delfzijl quay. It has now been announced that the Tallships El Galeon and Pascual Flores will come to the nautical event.

The first edition was in 1986

The very first edition of  DelfSail was organized in 1986. A group of representatives from the municipality of Delfzijl and the port companies took the initiative and within six months the party was a fact. The success certainly did not go unnoticed and five years later, in 1991, the municipal council decided to organize a larger version. This second edition has already been visited by more than 350,000 visitors! This success convinced all parties and it was decided to reorganize DelfSail every five years. The last edition of the nautical event was in 2016 and attracted more than half a million visitors.

The legacy of the seven seas

In 2024, the theme of DelfSail is “The legacy of the seven seas”. This is a reference to the previous seven editions and also makes the connection between people and shipping in the past and now. The program is currently being completed step by step and promises to be another unforgettable festival. On Thursday there is in any case the impressive Sail-in of the Tall Ships, where the ships sail in a long Parade from the Eemshaven, via the river Eems to Delfzijl, there are performances by well-known artists, boat trips, markets and more. much more. Both young and old can have a great time during the seventh edition of DelfSail!