Sailing across dutch waters

You can decorate the ship entirely to match your style and even hoist your company’s flag! This way, you do not only have your product presentation on board of the ship, but the ship also becomes part of your presentation! You can sail across the Dutch waters, making an imposing impression and familiarizing people from all over the country with your product. You will definitely attract some attention during your trip! You may even choose a certain location during the trip to have a moment with the press.

Promotion team all settled

A ship is not only a unique location and the perfect platform for the presentation of your product: Most ships offer the opportunity to spend the night on board: The promotion team can simply sail along during the promotion period. Cabins, galley, showers, and toilets, all is available. And in the spacious dayroom, they will not only be able to have dinner and relax, but they can also discuss the plans for the upcoming period.

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Product presentation

1001 locations in one

With the ship, you may reach various locations throughout the country. From Amsterdam and Volendam to Kampen and Zoutkamp! You will not have to set up the presentation in each new town, as you will simply bring the presentation with you. Each day a different harbour and a different audience. You probably never reached such a large, diverse audience before, staying on one location.


With NAUPAR’s extensive catering arrangements, you are enabled to focus on the important things. Delicious snacks and drinks will be served and in the evenings you will enjoy a wonderful meal. The possibilities are endless; You only have to choose.

In the past

In the past, NAUPAR successfully and gladly organized many different product presentations for various, large brands. Volvo presented, while sailing the channels and rivers of Holland, their newest model on board of one of our ships. The German Postbank decorated a ship entirely in their colours and style and sailed the Rhine for a month; Visiting a new harbour each day, with entertainment and guests. In Germany, T-Mobile also had a ship decorated entirely in pink for their tour through Germany that lasted a month; The entire promotion team stayed on board. The possibilities are endless and, above all, very unique.