Largest nautical Event

The largest nautical event in the Netherlands, SAIL Amsterdam, is organized once per 5 years and is held on the waters in and around Amsterdam. A unique event that each time draws millions of people from home and abroad.

Holland’s most spectacular relationship-event

As an official participant in SAIL Amsterdam and as the main supplier of its sailing vessels, NAUPAR offers you and your relations the opportunity to be at the centre of all festivities, on board of our ships. Let the show pass you by while you are having a drink and you will get the feeling that this is all organized just for you and your relations. To take part in this spectacle is a unique and memorable experience.

Populair ships from Amsterdam

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Sail Amsterdam

All-inclusive arrangements

NAUPAR offers all-inclusive  arrangements that enable you to enjoy this unequalled event together with your relations as VIP-guests.


SAIL Amsterdam opens – true to tradition – with the SAIL IN. The morning of the SAIL IN, you will embark the ship in order to sail toward the arriving Tall Ships. Together with these ships, you will enter the port of Amsterdam.