Keep people motivated

The cooperation with your relations, both internal and external, will benefit from the investments you make. Contentment forms an important drive for people’s loyalty. More than anybody, you will know how important employee loyalty and commitment is for a business. Would like to keep your people motivated and exceed the expectations of your clients? Embark a stately sailing ship.

How a good conversation can improve the results

Sailing brings people closer together. The moment you leave the mainland, your day-to-day worries will disappear as well. On the water, you can do good business. NAUPAR offers you original locations where you can really have a good conversation and where bonds are strengthened again. For now, but also for in the future.

Traditional sailing ships

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Arrangements and ideas for a relation event

Discovering sailing areas

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Relationship marketing

Relationship day(s) on a ship

Have your relationship day on board of a ship and experience the comfort of having all under the same roof. Catering, entertainment, organization, and an original accommodation that measures up to a luxurious hotel. Also, all the AV equipment needed can be arranged for you.


How would you like it to welcome your relations with a nautical cocktail or a glass of sparkling Cava? An Italian Delight buffet with vitello tonnato or what about an three-course dinner that is served up at the beautifully set tables? An extensive selection of entrées, main courses, and as a dessert a “small summer parade” or even a festive Grand dessert. All on the water!

Nautical events

NAUPAR offers you an unique opportunity to organize the perfect relationship marketing day. Invite your guests on board of a sailing ship during SAIL Amsterdam or DelfSail. On board, you will be indulged culinarily and enjoy the spectacle around you. You will be part of a large-scale event which thousands of people standing on the quayside will be watching. NAUPAR officially participates in SAIL Amsterdam and is the main supplier of sailing vessels during this event.