Memorial experience

After the success of SAIL Amsterdam, a number of different other events that share the same concept have been developed. These are all nautical events in which both large windjammers and small vessels can participate.

NAUPAR is the main supplier of all large-scale nautical events. This means that your company is enabled to occupy a prominent position during events such as SAIL Amsterdam, DelfSail, Sail Vlissingen, Sail Den Helder, and the Volvo Ocean race. A memorable experience for everyone. For all these special events, you can invite your internal and external relations on board of some of the most impressive sailing ships among the Dutch fleet. This way, your organization and your relations will not only be spectators, but also part of the event.

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SAIL events

Sail arrangements

NAUPAR offers you complete arrangements on board of our ships that include a delicious catering. This way, you can enjoy the spectacle together with your guests. The arrangements are all-inclusive: from the reception with a parking spot to sailing along with the impressive fleet of SAIL Amsterdam.

A unique event for your relations

Offer your relations something different and embark one of our ships. These SAIL events form an amazing platform for relationship marketing. SAIL events offer you the unique d├ęcor for a relaxed conversation with your relations, clients, and business partners. There are many different arrangements that all have one thing in common: Your guests will talk about this memorable day long time after.