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Does the perfect location for all your seminars, company outings, and business meetings seem unfindable? Leave the mainland and embark a traditional sailing ship!
Your company outing – one day or multiple days?

Your company outing – one day or multiple days?

It is quite difficult to find an original location for your annual company outing. Consider leaving the mainland and embarking a beautiful, traditional sailing ship. Your company outing will definitely be a success! Would you like to treat your employees with an outing which allows you to really get away from it all? Take an extra day and stay the night on board of the ship!

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Business events

Relation day on the water

Spending a day, or perhaps even more, on the water, sailing, will strengthen the ties. The informal setting, the openness of the water, the excellent service, and the privacy on board of a ship provide valuable ingredients for a successful day full of good conversations during which one may get to know each other in a different setting. After this day, everyone will be motivated again and know why they are working for your company; A good investment in your future!

Seminars, trainings, or courses

Seminars, trainings, or courses can only be successful if the setting invites your participants to learn. On the water, your guests will be able to forget the sorrows of the day and to be receptive to new knowledge. During the breaks on deck, you will be enabled to enjoy the firm breeze and the stunning views; the brainstorm sessions following these breaks will definitely be successful.

Exclusive meeting location

In NAUPAR you will find the right partner to arrange the perfect location for exclusive meetings as well. Where else can you determine your course better than on board of one of our stately ships?

Sail events

Together with NAUPAR, you can organize the perfect relationship marketing day during the spectacular Sail events. Once per five years, Sail Amsterdam takes place.  Visitors from all over the world come to Amsterdam for this event. NAUPAR is a participant and official supplier of sailing ships during the event.  Together with your relations, you can take part in Sail Amsterdam on board of a ship. Also during DelfSail, you can organize a relationship marketing day on board of one of NAUPAR’s sailing ships.