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Hanseatic Days 2017

Welcome in Kampen
From 15. until 18. June the city of Kampen will host the 37. International Hanseatic Days. Of course you can visit this special event with NAUPAR. You can rent a unique accommodation and visit our floating restaurants. You can be sure to have an unforgettable experience.
Each year the International Hanseatic Days are organized by one of the European Hanseatic cities. In 2017 the city of Kampen is hosting the festival. During this four-day event Kampen will offer various activities, performances and markets. This is just a foretaste of a unique and varied program. 300.000 visitors are expected to come. Are you one of them?
Would you like to be part of the Hanseatic Days?
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More information on the International Hanseatic Days 2017

Hanseatic Days, Hanseatic cities and Hanseatic League of New Time (also known as the New Hansa)

The International Hanseatic Days is a convention of Hanseatic cities; cities which are member of the New Hansa. The Hansa is a league which was originally formed as a partnership of various cities in the North- and Baltic Sea region. The Hanseatic League played a major role in shaping economies, trade and politics.

The International Hanseatic Days

The New Hansa was founded in 1980 in the Dutch town of Zwolle and since then it has been organized annually by one of its member cities. During the four-day event all Hanseatic cities are welcome to gather, to promote each member city as well as discuss different matters.

Main purpose

The International Hanseatic Days today are a means of reviving the original goals of the league, so that people can not only remember the Hanseatic history of their town or city, but also develop a feeling for what it means to live in a trading city that is, even today, part of a European network.

2017: Kampen will host the event

In 2017 it is Kampens turn to host the International Hanseatic Days. From 15th until 18th of June Kampen will be the center of numerous festivities. It will be the fifth time that a Dutch city will host the International Hanseatic Days. Previously, Zwolle (1980 and 2002), Deventer and Zupthen (1990) and Oldenzaal (1999) have hosted the event.

Hotel accommodation in Kampen

Are you looking for a special accommodation during these days? Then choose a comfortable cabin on one of our ships. They offer a unique stay!

Floating dinner

Groups have the possibility to enjoy a fantastic dinner on board of a sailing ship. A floating dinner; how often have you experienced something like that? While delicious meals are served, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Kampen.