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Relation event

Sporty, inspiring and fun

Sailing through the Noordoostpolder wind farm on a beautiful three-masted vessel, such as the Stedemaeght, Abel Tasman or Willem Barentsz. A barbecue at sunset. Mooring and using the ship as your accommodation, perhaps combining this with an activity ashore. The possibilities are endless. 
We offer a variety of all-inclusive package deals to make the trip more enjoyable, more exciting or more sporty. What’s more, NAUPAR has various catering and entertainment options at its disposal, such as a barista and/or cocktail workshop, live music or a DJ. And if you’ve got some really active guests on board, we can also have a RIB sailing alongside the ship. Got something else in mind? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to come up with a bespoke suggestion. And the best thing is that you don’t have to lift a finger, as we’ll take care of everything for you.

Multi-day event

Keen to head out on the water with your customers and business associates for a couple of days? NAUPAR’s sailing vessels are perfect for this as well. They have a large deck, a fantastic day room, a spacious galley and comfortable cabins where you can get a great night’s sleep. You can set sail with a large or small group, stopping in at various picturesque harbour towns around the IJsselmeer or Markermeer, ‘run aground’ on the Wadden Sea or use the ship as hotel accommodation in a city of your choice. The benefit of using a ship as your hotel accommodation is that you don’t have to organize everything separately, such as rooms, transport and meals. The ship has everything you need, and you can choose to stay anchored in one place or enjoy the full sailing experience, stopping in at a different location each and every day. Business, relaxation and accommodation all rolled into one. It’s the perfect combination!

NAUPAR’s vessels

NAUPAR has the largest fleet of ships affiliated with HISWA. With in excess of 16 different harbours from which we set sail, dotted around the IJsselmeer, Markermeer and on the Wadden Sea (for example), there will always be a harbour near your guests. Whatever your choice, with NAUPAR you can rest assured that you’ll have an unforgettable customer day. You’ll have transport, accommodation and enjoyment all rolled into one, and your customers and business associates will be talking about the trip for years to come!